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Lessons from Air New Zealand- HR and Recruitment

I was reading “Vendor View: Kiwi invasion of the Australian recruitment market” on Destination Talent this morning and was reminded of the great things that Air New Zealand are doing in the HR/Recruitment space (I also travelled with them to Queenstown on the weekend!).

Simon Pommeroy is the Recruitment Manager of Air New Zealand and he’s won various awards for his recruitment campaigns and strategies, and has worked closely with CEO and the Board of Air New Zealand to bring about a complete change to the way Air New Zealand recruits everyone – from aeronautical engineers to customer service.

He believes that many channels of communication (rather than just job ads) are necessary and uses both old and new communicative tools such as web pages, twitter and career newsletters to attract candidates. I think at the moment many of us realise we need to move away from just posting our jobs on typical job boards but are unsure of how to do it. Air New Zealand is a great example.

The recruitment strategy also focusses on the future needs of Air New Zealand with a big publicity campaign targeting future engineering cadetships (via a competition – How Far Can Your Kids Make It Fly). This campaign brought world-wide publicity (and was only 10% of the cost of previous campaigns). Similarly their careers newsletter was cheap to set up and has thousands of subscribers world-wide. It’s attracted over 1,000 additional resume registrations for their jobs.

Finally the most fantastic thing I believe is the ‘Would Air New Zealand Suit Me’ questionnaire. This on-line assessment, has helped Air New Zealand attract individuals more suited to their highly competitive environment (which requires resilience as well as customer focus). The CEO has received letters from would-be-applicants saying how much the appreciated the questionnaire, because it has saved them time applying for what would have been an unsuitable position. They could see that the highly competitive environment of the airline industry wasn’t right for them. Simon believes the rejection management of applicants is very important, because applicants talk about their experiences with others.

You should absolutely check them out- very impressive.

They also have a rather funny ad out now- “Air New Zealand have nothing to hide”


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