Hi there!

Thanks for visiting HR Club Sydney.

HR Club Sydney is a community based project to encourage conversation and discussion of all things HR in a casual and informal setting. I started this club (community group) initially because I was inspired by the Social Media Club Sydney events. I think that people from the media industry network really well and share their learnings with each other.

I think in HR we don’t always network as well as we could, nor do we share our experiences enough to prevent people from re-inventing the wheel. We could turn workplaces into great places to work if we were able to share what we knew and collaborate more.

So this is what it’s all about. Sharing. Collaboration. Networking. Being social.
No products or services. No plugs. Events will be free.

More about Me

I’m Jess and I’m currently working as a Senior HR Advisor in Sydney. I love working in HR and am really passionate about Talent Management.


I’ve completed a B Bus (HRM & IR) and more recently a M Education (Adult Education). Randomly I also have a Certificate II in retail operations and a statement of attainment in bakery skills (McDonalds and Coles!).

I’ve worked for Sara Lee, Vodafone, BOC and now CSIRO. Here is where I have the opportunity to say that all views expressed on this site are my own and do not represent the view of my current or previous employers in any way.

More personally, I love music and heading out for a the occasionally dance or to see a band. I’m currently learning how to play drums and love my kitten “Pepper” very much. My better half works in digital media, and he is where a lot of my inspiration in life comes from.

I’ve always had blonde hair but recently switched over to the dark side, cointreau and pineapple is my favourite drink and I do admit to being a bit of a nerd!

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to catch up for a coffee sometime.


One response to “About

  1. Hi there

    Sounds like we have plenty in common! Would love to grab a coffee sometime if your free. I do quite a lot of blogging on my website too so might be great to through around some ideas. Perhaps I can help get involved in running an event with you?

    Give me a call 0412 813 329


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