Your impact on HR

A few weeks ago I was explaining to a colleague, why I started HR Club Sydney. I was saying that it was basically about sharing information, learning form others and meeting people who have the same passion for HR that you do. I reasoned that while some things within an organisation may need to be kept confidential for a certain period, if we were all sharing all our best HR initiatives with each other there would be a huge flow on affect for the profession.

Think about it.
• We’d be more aware of the latest things, trends and technology
• We would have a better understanding of how something has worked/hasn’t worked in real companies (with an Australian flavour)
• We would start achieving better results for the business, resulting in a greater appreciation of the HR profession; meaning a great position at the table (for those who don’t already have it)

Just imagine… great HR activities happening all over the place… just because we started sharing more with our colleagues.


I’m a bit of a believer in the more positive energy that you put out there, the more you’ll receive and in saying that, giving (or dana) is one of the essential preliminary steps of the Buddhist practice. They say that sharing, giving and good deeds will bring happiness in the future, so perhaps remember this next time a peer asks you for help on something.


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