Thanks to everyone who attended last night!

Last night was the first HR Club Sydney Event and we received a great turnout of HR Professionals based in the Sydney area. Thanks again to our three presenters; Sue Jennings, David Hales and Ben Palmer. I thought the presentation was an interesting insight into how we can ensure our recruitment and retention strategies achieve the goal of having the right people, in the right jobs at the right time.


If you would like to follow up on this, please visit


So overall, how did the event go? Feedback was generally pretty positive and the attendees seemed excited about the concept of catching up with other HR professionals in Sydney. However I would like to share some learnings with you so the next event can be even better.


Here is my commitment to you for future:
Better organised space for networking with others prior to a presentation
Take-away handout of presentation
Organise meet ups that aren’t focussed around a presentation but purely to meet other people
Set-up space for break-out activities


Finally thanks to everyone for coming along, and also to Joel for assisting me on the night with the preparation. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment here or via linkedin.



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