The Top 12 Leadership Training Mistakes

Good morning everyone- I’m back after a few days of being ill. Rather inconvenient actually, but in the spirit of moving onwards and upwards with the week I attended a short seminar in the city this morning which was about “The Top 12 Leadership Training Mistakes”.

Hosted by James Adonis of ‘Team Leaders’, the seminar went for about an hour at Circular Quay and James mentioned a lot of good points about why leadership training often fails us. Some of the reasons include the course being too basic (we’ve all been to courses before that tell us how to suck eggs), the facilitator might not be experienced enough to manage the audience appropriately, it’s boring (i.e. delivered in a way that is not engaging or focuses on ploughing through the content not the learner experience) and the leadership training may not cater to each individual learning style.

James also mentioned one of the biggest mistakes which I think is true of most formal learning/training programs- “no reinforcement”. If we send people along to a training program and then just expect that they’ll behave differently when they get back, we are setting ourselves up to fail.

We can't just plant the leadership seeds, and expect them to grow on their own!

We can't just plant the leadership seeds, and expect them to grow on their own!

We can’t just send our terrible people leaders on leadership courses and expect them to have some giant Oprah ‘ah ha’ moment and return the manager of the year. The leader will need reinforcement of the correct behaviours and feedback when they aren’t meeting the expectations. It may help for the individual to set goals at the end of the training for ways in which they are going to change and review these regularly with a manager. They might also need ongoing coaching or mentoring and regular, specific feedback in the moment is imperative.

As a HR professional, do you actively follow-up with clients after they’ve attended a training program to evaluate its effectiveness and ensure that the learning has been transferred to the workplace?

**Check out the Team Leaders website and download the free stuff**


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