Stress Down Day with Lifeline

Lifeline is holding a “Stress Down Day” on 24th July which aims to raise awareness about stress and promote coping strategies.

In case you aren’t familiar with Lifeline, they are a 24 counselling service which provides support to people in need. It is hosted by trained telephone counsellors. They also organise number of programs that promote mental health, wellbeing and help seeking behaviours.

In Australia, there is a new call to Lifeline every minute and an average of over 450,000 calls are answered each year.

Wear your slippers to work

Stress is something we all experience but the difference is what coping strategies we use to get through the stressful period or event. Research conducted by Lifeline Australia* found that 91% of Australians experience stress in their life due to pressures relating to work, family, their future, health and financial pressures.*Newspoll 2008.

I think this is a fantastic initiative from Lifeline and it’s so easy to organise.

At my workplace, I’ve organised to screen a movie on a Friday afternoon. All staff need to do is wear their slippers work on 24th July and donate $5 and they’ll get to watch a movie with team mates, hot popcorn and a softdrink. Easy!

Have a think about this for your workplace and visit for more information.


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